10 tips on using vacuum cleaners effectively

With some simple steps, you can keep your house always clean and maintain durability of the best cordless vacuum cleaner.

1. If you live in a multi-floor house, start your cleaning from the top floor or the most inner and deepest ones, then move to lower floors or surface ones.

2. Pay attention to places where family members often move back and forth or your pets often lie down. Keep these places clean with daily vacuuming.

Mezzo Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Replace vacuum cleaner’s bag with a new one when it is half-full or at most two-third full so that cleaning can take place more effectively. Never wait until it is over-filled to change with a new one. With a full bag, dust will block airway, reduce exhaust capacity, making the vacuum cleaner consume more electricity, or even broken down.4. Take full advantage of available features of the vacuum cleaner and use proper accessories for specific positions. In such way, you can remove debris and dust in every corner. Also, as each kind of vacuum cleaner has different uses and functions, remember to read carefully instructions before use.5. Keep in mind the “top down” principle when using vacuum cleaners. Based on this principle, you will vacuum curtains first, then sofas, tables, and finally carpets and floors.6. Place the head of vacuum cleaner in narrow places, bookshelf, or corners to increase the performance. Avoid using vacuum cleaner continuously in long time. This can make it broken down. At best, stop using it for about 15 minutes after using it for 30-45 minutes.
  2. Always check the brushing head and suction inlet to make sure that they are not blocked by hair, fabrics, wool fibers, etc. Such materials can reduce the performance of vacuum cleaner.8. Also take care when using vacuum cleaner on expensive carpet. Do not apply a strong pressure as this will damage fabric. Or use a specialized vacuum cleaner for carpet.10. You should insert the suction nozzle in place then switch the vacuum cleaner on. If there is no nozzle, the machine will exhaust all particles inside, causing damages.9. Go to local service center regularly to maintain your vacuum cleaner. This will help extend the useful life as well as increase performance of vacuum cleaner.

    10. Want to save more time on cleaning? Consider buying a robotic vacuum cleaner. This machine can automatically clean your house when you are not at home with its pre-programmed cleaning steps. During its operation, the machine will self-position objects in your house and change its position so that it can cover the whole area of floor to give the best cleaning performance.

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